Saturday, 24 October 2009

Postal Strike Rant

I'm just so over this dam postal strike. Its so unnecessary. The workers at CWU and Royal Mail must honestly live in a time warp of job security, while the rest of us slog our guts out all year long to keep out jobs, millions get laid off, we struggle to keep out businesses a float and the tossers at royal mail thinks its totally fine to strike week after week, meanwhile they can't even string together a coherent arguement for why they are striking! It makes me so angry! Why are we so so utterly powerless to complain out this? Why is the government not doing anything to sort it out! It's our service. And they are royally fucking it up. We won't have a universal postal service at the end of all of this. Its so sad. IDIOTS all of them. They should all be fired and new workers should be hired. Millions of unemployed in this country, I'm sure some of them would like a well paid, unskilled postal job.

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