Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My first blog

This is my first blog!
I intend it to be where I can blog about my art works and what I am doing in in my other life as an artist.

Most recently I opened an Etsy Shop! Hurrah. And I posted up the first couple of prints that I am making available as Fine Art Giclee prints. They are beautiful and as I'm not selling the originals, they are the next best thing... The colour match is almost perfect to the originals, I was very impressed with the print job. So please check out my new Etsy shop here -->
Even better news is that I sold the first print of Halloween Tree within 20mins of posting it up. So number 1 is gone. But number 2 is hot on its heels!

I also have my website
And if you're on facebook, you can fan my art page
You can also find me on
So I'm everywhere! hahaha (almost.)

Bye for now...


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  1. welcome to the blog world, it will be wonderful to have a glimpse of your life and work on this space! Light & Love, Ariel .´.

  2. Thank you Ariel. I'm very new to this blogging thing, but if everyone is as friendly as you then I think I'll like it! Thank you for the lovely welcome!
    love Amy x